Home Care Equipment

It is that time of the year when you need or have to have “a little tune-up” on your body such as a bunionectomy, knee or hip replacement.  Or you were doing something you enjoyed and fractured your ankle or leg. Even worse, did something to your back. Thank goodness for the wonderful and brilliant physician’s and surgeons that we have access to when we need them so that we can get  “tuned back-up”.

Some of the things to make a successful  recovery from any health issue is the access to Medical Equipment and the knowledge of someone in the profession to help make the correct choices for recovery. Just taking a bath or a shower can be daunting BUT when you see the vast amount of bath chairs, stools an transfer benches that are available, the decision is easy. You just need to take the time to look at what is available and the best for YOU!

Turning Leg Caddy, Roll A Bout, Knee Scooter, whatever you want to call them…it is one of the best item(s) available for an ankle or foot  fracture or injury if you need to be non-weight bearing for a successful outcome. They come in sizes, heights and style to accommodate the right size of a person.

Ever used a walker? What a great inexpensive item to assist you when crutches are just to much to handle. After having my knee replaced this past summer, I have a new respect for product. Seats and brakes are a great extra for someone who uses one daily and needs to sit and rest at times.

Bottom line…Pharm A Save has whatever you need to get back on your feet!

Sue Graafstra

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